Currently Chartered SCMA Groups

Binghamton Fulbright Association (BFA)

Binghamton University, SUNY Fulbright Association is a hub for Fulbright Scholars and Alumni, as well as a community of friends of Fulbright who support international education and cultural understanding around the world. They are committed to advancing mutual understanding, tolerance and peaceful relations between people from all over the world. They engage with Binghamton University students from all backgrounds, nationalities, religions and sexual orientation as well as with members of the greater Binghamton area. They are committed to creating platforms for cultural exchange and community engagement through the organization of social and academic activities. The Binghamton Fulbright Association will provide new students as well as Fulbright Grantees with information regarding housing, transportation, study and life in Binghamton. 

Binghamton University Parent Collective (BUPC)
The Binghamton University Parents Collective (BUPC) is a graduate student organization that works to form a mutually-supportive community of graduate students with children. We seek to make the campus more family-friendly and offer parents the opportunity to take advantage of low-cost, community and educational activities. These include playgroups, trips to the Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park and Discovery Center (we have group membership!), as well as trips to u-pick fruit orchards, local parks, and places such as Skate Estate and Aero Gymnastics. We also arrange educational lectures and workshops on a variety of parenting issues. We welcome your ideas and energy!

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

Garden Society (BUGS)
The primary purpose of the Garden Society is to create and maintain a garden space on campus to facilitate the production of edible greens and vegetables while promoting educational experiences for students interested in gardening, farming, and landscaping. In the past, our group has led volunteer workdays in the on-campus garden, held workshops such as indoor gardening, seed germination, and garden safety and maintenance. We are mainly active early in the fall semester and late in the spring semester. We also need consistent volunteers over the summer months. Feel free to reach out to us to join our email list.

Graduate African Student Organization (GASO)

The Graduate African Student Organization (GASO) at Binghamton University is comprised of graduate students who are committed to issues about Africa and African students on campuses all over the United States and the world at large. 

President: Innocent O Achari at 

Harpur Palate (HP)

Indian Graduate Student Organization (IGSO)

IGSO is a non-profit association established to provide support to new and current Indian graduate students as they adjust to the Binghamton campus and U.S. lifestyle. They also work to promote Indian culture at Binghamton University through various events and festivals. 

International Student Association (ISA)

The International Student Association, hereinafter called ISA, has been created to help international students at Binghamton University cope with career difficulties and facilitate their career developments, by integrating resources that are difficult for individuals to find and providing professional education through lectures, workshops, and one-on-one mentorship that meets the specific needs of international students the most. 

International Student Council (ISC)

The International Student Council connects new international graduate students with current graduate students. If you are a new international graduate student and are in need of a ride from the Binghamton airport or in need of temporary housing while you look for permanent housing, the ISC can help. 


Iranian Student Association (ISAB)

Iranian Students Association at Binghamton is a non-profit organization to make strong social and professional networks of Iranian students, scholars, and graduates at Binghamton University. The ISAB enables bringing students together, in order to celebrate ceremonies, facilitate services for professional growth, and contribute to society by exchanging ideas, opinions, knowledge, and experiences during events. 

Materials Matter Club (MMC)

Saudi Students Club (SSC)
The Saudi Students Club (SSC) is a student group recognized by Binghamton University’s GSO as well as the Saudi Cultural Mission to the US (SACM). It aims at providing support and services for the thriving community of Saudi students on campus and their families. It also provides prospective students with help with necessary information, logistics and resources. The SSC welcomes everyone to connect with the Saudi community at Binghamton University and encourages you to check out its social media accounts to get the latest updates.
Twitter & Snapchat & Instagram & Facebook: @SSCBING

Sky@Bugrad (SKY)
'We are a student club that caters to the emotional and mental well-being of the campus community by offering innovative, experiential and evidence-based breathing and meditation techniques. We offer free weekly breathing and meditation sessions on campus that are led by trained meditation facilitators. Once every semester, we bring to campus the SKY Happiness Retreat offered by the International Association for Human Values, taught by a certified instructor. The SKY breathing technique taught during the retreat has helped millions of people around the world. Feel free to contact us at
National SKY website at

List of Past SCMA Groups (not currently chartered)

Evolutionary Studies (Last active 2018)