Hello all graduate students! The GSO is looking for students who have completed at least one (1) matriculated semester at Binghamton University as a graduate student to run for three (3) positions within the GSO E-Board. Positions up for election:

  • President (stipend: $11,000)

  • Vice President (stipend: $11,000)

  • Vice President for Multicultural Affairs (stipend: $10,000) 

If you are interested in running for a position that is up for election you must submit the following information (letter of intent package) to gsoelect@binghamton.edu by 2:00pm (14:00) EST on 03/22/2021: 

I. The candidate’s full name as it will appear on the ballot.

II. A picture of the candidate (optional) 

III. The candidate’s B-Mail email username.

IV. The position the candidate is seeking.

V. The election cycle the candidate is running in.

VI. A personal statement/platform (max 200 words)

VII. A copy of your CV/resume

VIII. Collect the names, emails, and other information of 25 students that support that students candidacy. The signatures will be collected via google forms, which are attached (one form for each race) and added to a master spreadsheet owned by gsovpres@binghamton.edu. Students that are signing may only sign one form per race (President, Vice President, VPMA). Students names will be cross referenced with the origination of the typed information, such that it can be verified that the candidate has not falsely imported the names. Students must be signed into their Binghamton University issued email account to enter their information into the google form(s). Candidates are responsible for ensuring that a person has not signed another form. If a student is to sign 2 forms, the form with the later timestamp will be invalidated. Once you have collected 25 signatures, you may send the rest of the required information that is listed above to gsoelect@binghamton.edu and gsovpres@binghamton.edu, which will confirm your candidacy for the GSO term: July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022.

Nomination Forms:

Note: Please do not fill out the form unless you support that candidate. You may only fill out each form one time.

Important dates:

  1. Letter of intent package: 03/22/2021 @ 2:00 EST

  2. Candidate’s meeting/orientation: 03/23/2021

  3. Mandatory meeting for candidates*

  4. Campaigning: 03/24/2021-04/04/2021

  5. Election: 04/05/2021; 9am – 04/06/2021; 9am

Note: If there are any questions, please email gsoelect@binghamton.edu AND gsovpres@binghamton.edu.

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