Binghamton Anxiety Clinic

Location: Clearview Hall – 91 (building located behind M lot)
Phone: 607-777-5006
The BAC specializes in evaluation and treatment of anxiety disorders, particularly social phobia and obsessive compulsive disorder.

University Counseling Center

Location: Old O’Connor 264
Phone: 607-777-2772
Individual and group counseling is available.

Decker Student Health Services

Location: Easy Access Road, above Dickinson College and across from College in the Woods
Phone: 607-777-2221
For emergency medical assistance, call 607-777-3333 or 911.

Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Location: Library South – G663
Phone: 607-777-4775
The ODEI is committed to promoting a campus environment that celebrates diversity and is free of bias and harassment. Concerns may be discussed personally with staff and formal discrimination complaints may be filed through a form on their website.

Veterans Services

Location: University Union 257
Phone: 607-777-2021
The Office for Veterans Services is committed to recruiting, retaining, and supporting active duty service members, veterans, and dependents to maintain a diverse and highly qualified student body, faculty, and staff.

University Ombudsman

Location: Library South – G526
Phone: 607-777-2388
If you need help resolving a conflict, the neutral Ombudsman can offer confidential assistance.

Division of Student Affairs

Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development

Location: University Union 133
Phone: 607-777-2400

The CCPD offers a wide range of career coaching resources including walk-in hours, workshops, on-line resource materials and opportunities to research and connect with employers.

Center for Civic Engagement/Volunteer Programs

Location: University Union 137
Phone: 607-777-4287
The CCE works with communities within and beyond Binghamton University’s campus to provide various rewarding and meaningful volunteer opportunities to students.

Transfer Student Initiatives and Services

Location: College in the Woods library – IR 102
Phone: 607-777-3868
Information on mentors and opportunities to connect with other transfer students can be found on their website.

Dean of Students Office

Location: University Union West 205
Phone: 607-777-2804
Students come to the office seeking assistance, advocacy and satisfactory resolutions to problems. The Dean of Students office can offer advice and referral information related to illness, death in the family, financial difficulties, academic trouble, and other personal emergencies.

Computer Help Desk

Location: Computer Center – main floor

Phone: 607-777-6420
Staff at the Computer Help Desk are able to answer questions about campus computing and e-mail, as well as trouble-shoot difficulties with students’ personal computers. Email: