New York State Assembly Graduate Internship

The GRADUATE INTERNSHIP provides full-time research or policy analysis positions with Assembly leaders, committees and research staffs. A $15,000 stipend is awarded for the January 4, 2016 to June 17, 2016 Internship.

DEADLINE: Completed applications can be mailed directly by the applicants and must be postmarked by the October 30, 2015 deadline. Extensions may be requested by calling the Assembly Intern Committee at (518) 455-4704.

ELIGIBILITY: Applicants for the Internship must be matriculated in or have recently completed (one year from date of graduation) a graduate degree program. Applicants should have excellent research skills and a strong interest in state government and the legislative process. All majors may apply. International students must have academic requirements in the United States to be eligible and are expected to have proper work authorization prior to the Internship start date, January 4, 2016.

THE INTERNSHIP: The Assembly Graduate Internship provides research and policy development experiences for up to ten qualifi ed graduate students. Graduate Scholars have the opportunity to develop their understanding of the legislative process and New York State government and to apply their ideas and research skills in the legislative process. Graduate Scholars are required to attend Issue Policy Forums and are enrolled in a course taught by the Faculty Advisor. Approximately one-third of the participants in the Internship have moved into other positions in state government. The Assembly Intern Committee affords graduate students a unique professional learning experience.

APPLICATION PROCEDURES: Applications and all supporting documents must be submitted to the Assembly Intern Committee in a complete package. All materials must be postmarked by October 30, 2015. In mid-November, the selected applicants are interviewed in Albany. Travel expenses of applicants are not reimbursed. Final selections will be made shortly thereafter.

The following supporting documents are required of all applicants:

  •  A personal statement (item #16 on the application).
  • Official transcripts of all graduate and undergraduate coursework completed and in progress. If the college/ university will not release offi cial transcripts to students, they may be sent directly to the Assembly Intern Committee under separate cover. The applicant should note this on the application.
  • Two letters of recommendation which discuss the applicant’s research skills, character, understanding of the governmental process, and familiarity with particular public policy areas. Letters should not be requested from anyone who has not directly observed and evaluated the applicant’s skills, character, and areas of knowledge. At least one letter must be from a professor at the current university or most recently attended.A letter from the graduate program dean or director indicating how the Graduate Internship relates to the student’s academic or career objectives and amount of credit, if any, to be granted. If this letter is written by the same person as one of the above, it should be clearly stated as performing this dual purpose. This is required whether or not the applicant has completed his/her graduate degree.
  • A public policy proposal (item #17 on the application).

RESPONSIBILITIES: Graduate Scholars serve as full-time Assembly staff researchers and policy analysts. Assignments are based on experience, program of study, interest, and the availability of supervision within the Assembly. Graduate Scholars’ responsibilities include: fi scal analysis of proposed legislation and program budgets, researching and drafting bills and memos, and preparing background papers and reports. Specifi c duties are dependent on the abilities of the Graduate Scholar and the needs of the offi ce assigned. Assignments include the following:

  • Majority Leader – This placement consists of background research for fl oor debate, short-term analysis, and bill drafting.
  • Ways and Means Committee – This placement consists of budget and fi scal analysis on various subjects.

STIPEND: Assembly Graduate Scholars receive a $15,000 stipend for the six-month, full-time Internship.

HOUSING: The Assembly Intern Committee does not provide housing for Graduate Scholars.

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