• What is the GSO? - The GSO is the Parent Body for all chartered departmental and non-departmental Graduate Student Groups at Binghamton University. GSO works to promote the educational, political, and socio-cultural development of Binghamton University Graduate Students and to ensure adequate Graduate Representation and participation in decision-making processes at all institutional levels. GSO distributes Graduate Activity Fees to various Graduate Student Groups, and enacts policies decided upon by its Constituents, through the GSO Senate.
  • What is the budget of GSO? - How can I learn the allocation of my sub-organization? - See our Budget Page here.
  • Am I represented by the GSO in any way? - All graduate students are represented by their departmental delegates to the GSO Senate. Every department has one voting senator.
  • How do I run for GSO office? - Executive Board elections are held each Spring semester for the following year. Notice of the election will be advertised early in the Spring.
  • Can the GSO help fund my travel and research? - Yes! Download the GSCTRF Application here.
  • I am a graduate student not in residence at BU this semester. What can the GSO do for me? - You can apply for a waiver of your student activity fee. The form can be downloaded here. Note that if your fee is waived, you will not be able to apply for GSCTRF reimbursement for travel during that semester.