GSCTRF Application

All Graduate Student Conference Travel Reimbursement Applications (GSCTRF) are submitted online. Click the link below to begin submission:

  • To apply for Travel or Research Funds (Please Note: Application cannot be made until AFTER travel is completed, but is required within 30 days of returning.)

CAFE Application

  • To apply for funding to support a Conference , Guest Speaker , or Other Professionalization Event

Preschool Fund Application

This fund is for currently-enrolled graduate students with preschool-aged children attending a licensed daycare center (on-campus or off-campus). To be eligible, children must have been born before the start of the current semester, and not turn 6 before the semester ends. The amount of award will be determined by the number of eligible children who apply, to a maximum of $150/semester. The review committee recommends that applicants keep personal copies of all files to expedite future applications.



  • Reimbursement form.


Treasurer Guidelines for Vouchers  

  • Guidelines for filling out the voucher.


Charter Request  

  • To form a New GSO Chartered Organization.


Officer List

  • To submit Names and Contact Information for Organization Officers and Senators (An updated list must be submitted at the beginning of each Fall Semester.)


GSO E-Board Nomination

  • To run for a GSO Officer Position in the Annual Election


Honorarium Contract

  • To be completed when you are paying an individual for speaking, performing, etc. at an event on campus.



  • For those who are doing Honorariums or other personal services.


Activity Fee Waiver Request

  • If you will not be on campus and do not plan to take advantage of GSO services, you may apply to waive your activity fee. (Please Note: any student requesting a Fee Waiver will not be eligible for Travel or Research funding.)


Alcohol Reimbursement Request Form

  • This form is required to be submitted one week prior to any off-campus event at which alcohol is served in order to be considered for reimbursement.