Use to apply for Travel or Research Funds (Please Note: Application cannot be made until AFTER travel is completed, but is required within 30 days of returning.) All Graduate Student Conference Travel Reimbursement Applications (GSCTRF) are submitted online only. Please click below to begin your submission.

The GSCTRF Guide is intended to provide helpful advice before you start a GSCTRF Application. It includes a checklist of documentation you will want to be sure to have on hand as well as advice on how to handle non-standard situations with your application.


To apply for funding to support a Conference, guest speaker or other professionalism event, please complete and submit a CAFE application to the GSO treasurer. Applications will be submitted to the budget committee for approval. Applications requesting more than the allotted amount will have to present their proposal to the senate for consideration.

GSO Treasurer

Angel Beltre


This fund is for currently enrolled graduate students who elect to attend a course outside their primary area of research/study for personal enrichment. To be eligible, applicants must have obtained the instructor’s consent to audit the course and attended at least 60% of course meetings. Applicants are not required to complete assignments/exams for the course to be eligible. The amount of the award will be determined by the number of eligible candidates who apply, to a maximum of $500/semester. Applications are reviewed by the GSO Budget Committee who recommends that applicants keep personal copies of all files. All Graduate Enrichment Fund (GEF) applications are submitted online only. Click the link above to begin submission (application must be completed in one sitting so be sure you have all documentation prepared in advance).


This fund is for currently-enrolled graduate students with preschool-aged children attending a licensed daycare center (on-campus or off-campus). To be eligible, children must have been born before the start of the current semester, and not turn 6 before the semester ends. The amount of award will be determined by the number of eligible children who apply, to a maximum of $150/semester. The review committee recommends that applicants keep personal copies of all files to expedite future applications.