GSO Statement on Binghamton University Tobacco Free Initiative

In response to an announcement in the spring of 2016 that Binghamton University would become Tobacco Free by August 2017, the Graduate Student Organization senate voted to oppose the Tobacco Free Campus policy. As such, our graduate representatives voiced strong opposition during meetings with the university. The university administration went forward with the plan despite our opposition and the campus will become tobacco free in 6 months. The GSO is opposed to the Tobacco Free Campus policy for several reasons. First, we find the policy to be an infringement on personal liberties. Second, the policy is certain to negatively impact employees far more than students, because employees that are caught smoking will face disciplinary action issued by their direct supervisor. Finally, we are concerned that this policy will increase the amount of littering that occurs in our nature preserve. The university administration committees on the Tobacco Free Campus have not adequately addressed these important issues. Thus, the GSO remains opposed to the Tobacco Free Campus policy.