Dear Graduate Students,

Binghamton University’s graduate population is incredibly diverse, with students ranging from Binghamton born natives to international students across the globe. It is this multitude of perspectives, cultures, and experiences that make each of our Graduate Departments, our Graduate School, and Binghamton University as a whole such an exceptional and exciting place to work and learn.

That is why your GSO E-Board is working hard to stay knowledgeable, proactive and involved in all matters regarding the current DACA situation. Members of the GSO Executive Board have met with the administration to discuss the university’s viewpoint, what preparatory measures are being put in place, and what our students should know regarding their status as potential DACA recipients.  We have relayed all of the information discussed at that meeting to each departments Senator last week at the Senate Committee Meeting. We encourage our Senators to please share this information with their respective departments, as it is integral that we are all informed and on the same page. We also encourage our fellow students to reach out to their Senators for information regarding this, and any other matters discussed at these Senate Meetings.

If students have questions about who the departmental Senator is, about the issues and answers discussed at the meeting(s), or have other questions or requests regarding the GSO’s actions in relation to DACA, or any other matter, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the GSO E-Board or stop by the office during Office Hours.
(Office Hours and Location can be found here:

It is also important to us that the Graduate Student population recognize that while we, the GSO, are not in a position to make university-wide decisions, we are capable of reaching out to the administration on behalf of all Graduate Students, request that we be part of the decision-making processes, and ensure that the voice of the Graduate Students is heard—and this is precisely what we have done and will continue to do not just in regards to DACA, but for every issue effecting our students, university, and community.

If you have concerns or requests, please reach out to us! We are representing every Graduate Student, and to do that productively and efficiently we want to know your thoughts, perspectives, and what issues you believe should be addressed.

We have done our best to stay active in light of this situation, but we want to and will continue to do more. Help us represent the needs and desires of Graduate Students by sharing your voice and concerns, and we will continue to fight for all of our peers, both international and not. We will continue to keep you informed and relay the messages we receive from the administration, faculty, fellow students, etc. through the Newsletter and each department’s individual e-board members. Again, if you have questions regarding your departmental e-board, which includes Senators, please ask us! We will be happy to share that information.

To help keep you informed of the actions of both the GSO and others, here are a few links to some of the public comments made by University Staff, Faculty and Administration:

Thank you for allowing us to represent the Graduate population. If there is anything we can do to serve our fellow students further, or better, please let us know!

The GSO Executive Board

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