Dear Graduate Students,

It is well-known that the recent hurricanes have had disastrous effects in states across the U.S., and our neighboring countries as well.  The storms have destroyed homes, belongings, and lives, and while they may not have effected everyone personally, it is our responsibility as citizens to help those who have been, in any way that we can.

The GSO Event Planning Committee has organized a Bake Sale to help fundraise money for the charity Global Giving.  With a Graduate Population encompassing both American and International students, it is exceedingly important that we don’t just help those within the borders of the United States, but our global community as well.

We recognize that the money raised from this Bake Sale will not solve the problems of all those effected, but it is a small step to show our support for those in need.  While we cannot reach every victim, it is absolutely important that reach out to our peers and fellow Graduate Students who may have been personally effected, or know someone who was effected by these devastating events.

If you require help in the aftermath of these hurricanes, have suggestions for how we can help further, or simply would like a place to talk, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the GSO through e-mail or Office Hour visits. We are here to help all of our students through both the positive and, especially, the negative, so please utilize us!

The University Counseling Center is also a wonderful resource for students who may require a safe space and compassionate listeners during a very difficult time.
The link to the counseling centers website, where students can learn more about what is offered and how to set up appointments if desired, can be found here:
The list of GSO E-Board e-mails, Office Hours and Office location can be found here:

Again, if you have any requests, suggestions, concerns, or questions for us, please reach out! We work best when we all work together.

And please join us in helping at our fundraiser this Friday! See the flyer for details on time, location, and how you can help! Any questions regarding this fundraiser can be addressed to Kendall Geed at

Thank you,

The GSO Executive Board

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