I am Ademola Adedoyin, a second year PhD student in the SSIE department and I intend to run for the VPMA’s office. The VPMA’s office celebrates the diversity of graduate students and advocate their needs. This office brings together and/or creates an environment for graduate students of different backgrounds and cultures where it feels like home.
As a graduate student, I understand the importance of having a sustained climate where safety, diversity and inclusivity thrive. These aligning with objectives of the VPMA’s office. Having held various leadership positions at different student organizations, I bring with me tremendous wealth of knowledge that will ensure the continued success of the VPMA’s office.
While this role comes with its own challenges and learning opportunities, I would collaborate with various students’ organizations to ensure adequate representation and resources are given by organizing and supporting events and trainings targeted to create a safe, diverse, and inclusive climate. This collaboration will include helping students achieve academic excellence, while developing personal and professional character.
Lastly, I would be honored to serve the organization in the best of my capacity while learning from unique individuals who currently lead the organization and those being represented.


I am Samuel Nelson, A Computer Science Graduate Student. Having finished one semester of my grad school at Binghamton University, I intend to run for the position of Vice President Multi-cultural affairs at the Graduate Student Organization. Having been a student representative and a leader during my undergrad at Amity University Gurugram (India), I have worked with students from diverse backgrounds and varied walks of life, aiding them to resolve concerns, thereby bridging the gap between the management and students and helping students to protect their rights while advocating for them, irrespective of their gender, race, caste, creed, religion, culture.
I have earnestly believed in education and empowerment to help facilitate for a better community in totality. Hailing from India, the country which is rooted in Unity in Diversity and lauded for democracy, principles of equality and inclusion have been engrained into my personality in totality. I ardently believe in collaborative learning amongst all individuals, also in realizing and respecting the importance of others’ opinions and beliefs. I always believe communication would be a key to build a stronger and cohesive community in totality. Also, being a student leader, I have organized a plethora of events involving several students and engaging them to participate and interact to know about other demographics, cultures, and traditions. I have also founded a Youth-Social Responsibility in India aiming to serve the humanity and unite the youth while bringing out the changemakers from within us.
As a Vice President of Multicultural affairs, I would like to build a strong and cohesive university community where-in there is a multi-racial and multi-cultural understanding, where everyone’s rights and interests are being represented and protected. I would like to have the opportunity to create a better society where-in rights and interests of people from diverse backgrounds are being protected; fairness and justness amongst all socio-cultural background is being fostered; and ideas of diversity, equality and inclusion are being promoted.
Thank You,


Hello everyone, I am interested for this position. I completed my Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Binghamton University and now have started PhD program. Following things I would do if I am selected as GSO VPMA:
1. Manage all responsibilities as GSO VPMA properly
2. Improve life of graduate students
3. Solve problems of graduate students
Vishrut Shenoy

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